Top 5 things to carry on long flights

Long flights are a pain. Much worse than long trains actually because you can never get down from this giant aluminum tube and roam around like you would on a train journey.

There are definitely a few things you can do on long flights and there certainly are a few things you should carry on a long flight. Below are my suggestions on what to carry,

1. A travel pillow and the light blocking eyewear. There is no substitute for sleep and if you want to have a good one these two items are a must have. They will not only avoid the neck pain but also keep you from falling over while asleep. A pair of ear plugs or better yet the noise cancelling headphones will come in very handy because there are usually a couple of kids on the flight who will keep screaming for hours for no god-damn-reason 😁

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2. Carry everything that you need to be able to indulge in your hobby. Movies, TV series, songs, media content, a good cushioned headphone, books or whatever you are into. (Books are great and if you find them boring, this blog might be for you)

3. Extra batteries, power banks, universal adapter and charging cables to keep your devices up and running. Long flights will have power sockets and USB ports for you so make use of them

4. A pair of extra slippers might be more useful than you think. In fact a pair of extra socks is also something to look into. The point is that you won’t be wearing your shoes all the time and an extra pair of socks will help you avoid the smelly feet

5. Wet wipes are the key when you want your face to freshen up a bit. Similarly, a hand sanitizer is also very (well) handy.

What are some of the things that you suggest carrying on long flights?

PS - Know airplanes? Can you help answer these questions?

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