Top 4 things to do on long flights

Ever been on a really long flight? More than 12 hours?

It can be a very draining experience to say the least. Before hopping on one, I read a few very lame suggestions on things you can do on long flights (including getting sleeping pills prescription from your doctor!) and none of them actually worked. Below is what worked but before that let me share the lamest of all the lame things that I read during my research,

“If you are on a 16 hour flight, trick your brain into thinking you have 4 flights of 4 hours each.”

This is such a lame suggestion that it doesn’t work after the first 4 hours! 😁

So here’s my two cents about long flights,

1. First of all, it’s totally worth booking an expensive flight if it’s a more comfortable airplane/airline. It will have better services that will just make the entire chore a tad easier

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2. Catch up with your hobby. Your hobby does not have to be the average Joe’s - watching movies, TV shows or listening to songs but if those are indeed your hobbies (poor hobbies, I might add) you are in luck as long flights typically have good inflight entertainment. Plus, you can always carry your own laptop/tablet with whatever content you like. The whole idea is to plan beforehand

3. Try to stay active and walk around a bit every once in a while so that your legs aren’t jammed. The aisle seat is your best bet so that you don’t have to deal with fellow passengers every time you want to move out

4. Jet lag is a real thing and there is no getting around it. How you can help the case is by adjusting your sleep to the destination’s time zone. I know it sounds ridiculous, probably impossible for most of us but it’s worth a try. So do not sleep when you feel sleepy, try to sleep when its night time at the destination

Hope you find these suggestions helpful. You might also want to read my list of top 5 things to carry on a long flight. Bon voyage!

PS - Know airplanes? Can you help answer these questions?

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