Silicon Valley in pictures

My original blog on Silicon Valley is here. Below are some of the pictures that couldn't make it to the blog,

Dubai to San Francisco route (North Pole included)

Not just in which direction you are flying, Emirates also tells you where the Kaaba is

When you have to cross a road. The best part wasn't that these buttons worked, the best part was that the traffic actually stopped for a single person crossing the road!

Exactly how do they calculate if you have parked more than two hours?

Reaching the Golden Gate

San Francisco Skyline as seen from the Pier 39 Ferry

To the left is the Bay Bridge if I am not wrong. Another image from the Ferry

It was a Super Moon

Caltrain Station, this was the closest one to Los Altos

Help yourself with the tickets. Good luck if its your first time. It ain't that difficult though

Downtown San Jose

Big Bus

Tanning Lotions and Oils on sale

SAP Center, San Jose


Meat made entirely from plants... Is that veg? I am confused!

One of the buildings of Stanford University

The corridors of Stanford

The Stanford Store basically has Stanford branded apparels

Stanford Student Store

Only bicycles are allowed in the Stanford Campus

California faces shortage of water, something like this can be seen at many places

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