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Style vs Fashion, wait, aren't they the same?

Style and fashion are usually used interchangeably but are the two terms really same? If not, should you be more stylish or more fashionable/fashion forward? While that is a personal choice, let's look at the difference between the two.

Going over the literal meaning first,

Style - The way in which something is said, done, expressed or performed
Fashion - The prevailing custom as in clothes and behavior
Fair enough. So while style is something which has been more acceptable for years (if not decades), fashion is the new kid in the block.

Fashion is dated, style is timeless.

Fashion is what you see on the ramp, style is how you make a decision of what to wear today. Which brings us to another difference, while fashion is the latest trend, style is much more personal.

Fashion may impress others, style can help you express yourself.

It is important to understand the difference between the two. With this understanding, when you go out shopping looking for Green Chinos, you already know that i…

Lost your vehicle's Registration Card? Here's how to obtain a Duplicate RC

I recently lost my bike's RC card. Realizing how this was going to be a frustrating experience (since any interaction with a government agency usually is), I made up my mind to do something about it. That is when the idea of vlogging the whole thing struck.

The first step was the most basic one that everyone would do - Google Search! That is when I ended up on a Quora post detailing the entire process. Do refer to the video below for the full story,

LIST OF DOCUMENTS1. Police Complaint reporting the loss of RC
2. B-extract / RC-extract
3. Vehicle Insurance Document
4. Driving License (Both Original and Photocopies)
5. Pollution Under Control Certificate
6. NOC from Financier
7. Form 26
8. Passport Size Photos
9. Residential Address Proof
10. Postal Stamp Cover for RC to be mailed to you
11. Affidavit on Stamp Paper mentioning loss of RC, should be notarized
12. Tag File for all documents


Warning: You're losing money by not buying the 5 must-have Men's Shoes

Gentlemen, I assume all of us agree on the fact that shoes are important, they matter, they need to be paid attention if you want to draw attention! If you still don't agree, here's an article that you must read first - Shoes. Why do they matter?

There is a very famous quote around shoes,
You can wear anything as long as you put a nice pair of shoes with itSo how many pair of shoes does a man need?

There is no magic number. It largely depends on personal preferences, lifestyle and age. Some men can own just one pair of formal shoes and use it for all occasions that require you to wear shoes while others can own just one pair of casual shoes and that's all that they need.

Both the approaches are totally NOT fine.

Now the list below contains 5 different types of shoes available out there. It doesn't mean you should own all of them but it is a good place to start creating a diverse shoe collection that covers every possible occasion.

1. Oxford/BlucherAll of us need a pair of bl…

Are you replaceable?

Around 2013-14, Taxi4Sure was a major competitor of Ola. If I remember correctly, it was also comparatively cheaper. Their phone number was also pretty easy to remember. Infact when you called them, you were greeted by their peppy jingle which was basically their phone number turned into a song - Sixty Sixty Ten Ten (60601010). That jingle is the reason why I still remember their phone number.

Since apps and smartphones weren't as heavily used as they are today, there was an entire process to book a cab. You had to call up 60601010 and their call center would book a cab for you. The best feature was that you could book a cab for a future time, lets say 9 PM tonight. There was also a way to get a cab urgently although it wasn't as efficient as the apps make it today. Now once you had booked for 9 PM, you would receive a text message around 8:30 PM with the driver and cab details.

In early 2015, Taxi4Sure was acquired by Ola. With the arrival of Uber, booking a cab through an App …

Top 5 things to carry on long flights

Long flights are a pain. Much worse than long trains actually because you can never get down from this giant aluminum tube and roam around like you would on a train journey.

There are definitely a few things you can do on long flights and there certainly are a few things you should carry on a long flight. Below are my suggestions on what to carry,

1.A travel pillow and the light blocking eyewear. There is no substitute for sleep and if you want to have a good one these two items are a must have. They will not only avoid the neck pain but also keep you from falling over while asleep. A pair of ear plugs or better yet the noise cancelling headphones will come in very handy because there are usually a couple of kids on the flight who will keep screaming for hours for no god-damn-reason 😁

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2.Carry everything that yo…

Top 4 things to do on long flights

Ever been on a really long flight? More than 12 hours?

It can be a very draining experience to say the least. Before hopping on one, I read a few very lame suggestions on things you can do on long flights (including getting sleeping pills prescription from your doctor!) and none of them actually worked. Below is what worked but before that let me share the lamest of all the lame things that I read during my research,

“If you are on a 16 hour flight, trick your brain into thinking you have 4 flights of 4 hours each.”

This is such a lame suggestion that it doesn’t work after the first 4 hours! 😁

So here’s my two cents about long flights,

1. First of all, it’s totally worth booking an expensive flight if it’s a more comfortable airplane/airline. It will have better services that will just make the entire chore a tad easier

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Silicon Valley in pictures

My original blog on Silicon Valley is here. Below are some of the pictures that couldn't make it to the blog,

A tryst with the Silicon Valley

For an average person working in the IT industry, United States of America is also known as Onsite. And this average IT industry person wants to be onsite, preferably permanently 😉. This involves a lot of discussions with the higher management and might include pleading and scrambling and clawing and every other tactic in the book. Anyways, once in the US you will appreciate the place. After all it claims to be the number 1 country, the super power and the leader of the World. What’s not to like, right?

Well there are certain things you might not like, for instance the flying time to the US from India. Pretty long and totally exhausting! So much so that I have written two blogs on this helping you with what you should carry and what you should do on long flights!

Typically, my travelogues start with a few basics about the place but there isn’t any basic information that you don’t already have about the US, thanks to Hollywood movies and TV series'. So mine was an official trip and …