Doctor, Love - Your questions answered!

If you have no idea what this blog is about, let me start by letting you know how you can read my e-book - Doctor, Love

1. Read it on the blog here
2. Get the free PDF here
3. Grab your copy from Amazon here

(All three ways are also available on the landing page of the e-book here)

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you that the response to the e-book has been quite overwhelming. To be frank, I never really thought that so many of my friends would even consider reading a short story written by me. But reading is one thing, the interest that everyone showed, the number of copies I mailed out and the compliments and questions I received in response was something I could have never imagined.

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So here I am, blogging my take on the most asked questions about Doctor, Love.

1. Why the name Doctor, Love?
- Vague and inexpressive. Why this name? Well, the first name I had in mind was Tan(i)trums. Tani (who is the protagonist) and Tantrums, yeah I know poor joke ☺. In addition to being a poor joke and coming out as not-so-serious, the story isn't really about Tanya's tantrums. To me she is a fairly right minded young woman with aspirations. And that is why she is a Doctor first. To her, Love comes after a 'comma'. Hence the name Doctor, Love

2. Why is the story incomplete? Will there be a part 2?
- Let me start by saying that stories never have to be complete. We have been babied too much by the movies. Real life doesn't always give you the comforting opportunity of a closure. The story isn't real ofcourse but I just didn't feel the need of writing further. What happens after the last page is for the reader to decide ☺

3. How to write an e-book?
- Don't write one ☺

There have been other one-off questions that I have responded to over respective emails but since these were the most common ones I thought of sharing on a blog. Feel free to contact me for anything. Signing out for now. CIAO

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