The #1 resume mistake!

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To begin with I must say there are tons of advice available out there when it comes to perfecting your resume. There are many ways to 'get your resume right'. But the number 1 mistake anyone can make when it comes to resume is not treating it as a live document.

Mostly resumes are updated only when we are looking for a job change which eventually becomes one more hurdle in the new job search. Now I am no resume writing professional or a career expert but below are a few reasons I feel the resume needs to stay updated at all times,

1. Often times, we get informed by our ex-colleagues and friends about job opportunities in their respective organizations that we might be interested in. However, since our resumes are seldom updated, by the time we update and send across, the job posting is either already no longer available or our resume lands at number 137 in the list of people who applied. This could also be true for internal job openings in your own organization. Being able to apply for positions that you are introduced to on the go is an advantage only the people with live resumes have

2. The project that took most of your time, energy and skills is now successfully completed. Party mode on. Resume update mode, off as usual! The problem here is that by the time you would turn the resume update mode on, alot of specifics, a great deal of project challenges and similar nitty-gritties will have faded from the memory. The result will be a diluted version of your career's best work in the resume

3. Finally, making all these resume updates regularly doesn't always have to be addition. It could be subtraction too. Do you really need to place all your academic achievements, do you really need that many details about your internship or first job? A timely look at the resume could lead to a leaner and more presentable version which is easier to maintain and, most importantly, read!

Don't forget to add the 'resume update hour' in your calendars for atleast once every 3 months. Cheers to more updated resumes :-)

(Oh and below is the video if you are interested)

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