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The #1 resume mistake!

Yes Sir, this is the blog I did my first facebook live video about :-)

I have pretty much covered everything I wanted to include but nonetheless the blog is here!

To begin with I must say there are tons of advice available out there when it comes to perfecting your resume. There are many ways to 'get your resume right'. But the number 1 mistake anyone can make when it comes to resume is not treating it as a live document.

Mostly resumes are updated only when we are looking for a job change which eventually becomes one more hurdle in the new job search. Now I am no resume writing professional or a career expert but below are a few reasons I feel the resume needs to stay updated at all times,

1. Often times, we get informed by our ex-colleagues and friends about job opportunities in their respective organizations that we might be interested in. However, since our resumes are seldom updated, by the time we update and send across, the job posting is either already no longer available …