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Exactly how boring can reading a book be?

There goes a saying - "a person who doesn't read has no advantage over a person who cannot read."

Well technologically speaking, that isn't true. *Geek Logic* There are audio books and softwares of all kinds available out there that can read the book for us regardless of our ability to read. Of course in this case we must be able to listen!

Here's the question though - exactly how boring can reading a book get?

Some people would rather watch paint dry than read a book. While some others will be baffled by the question, after all, how can reading a book be boring for anyone?

Personally, I think reading books is very underrated especially considering the life transforming potential that they carry. School books were enough reading for me in my teenage while the coolest new thing called the 'internet' kept me busy in late 2000s. But this doesn't mean that I ran away at the sight of those fat fiction novels. However, it does mean that I started out on the jou…