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MBA? So what's your startup idea?

If you are an MBA, atleast once someone, somewhere must have asked you - so what's your startup idea?
With the words like 'entrepreneurship', 'venture capital', 'seed funding' and, ofcourse, 'startup' appearing almost everywhere from TV to Newspapers and from Facebook feeds to YouTube videos, it is almost a moral obligation for an MBA to have a startup idea! After all, what else do they teach you in MBA? :-)
Personally, my answer has always been a food joint. But I am pretty sure that there are much more soon-to-be-restaurateurs out there than the number of existing restaurants. I have never really taken a step further in planning a food joint which in itself is a proof enough that it is not my cup of hot chocolate. I also tend to believe that the buzz around has developed a notion that owning a company is too damn cool! But this buzz doesn't address the fact that RUNNING a company is where the dirty work lies
Now while we are at it, and I being an…

The top 5 most annoying co-workers!

The only disclaimer I would like to add before I start this blog is that it’s my blog, you have read the title and you are the best person to decide if you want to read further :-)
Also, there are all kinds of people in every office (and everywhere else) and not everyone will fit in a category below. But if you do come across someone mentioned below, you have been warned!
1. The interrogator 5W1H is by default the first word of most of their sentences. You might think that a question is often a conversation starter and there is nothing wrong with that but when you feel like the entire conversation was simply answering questions, you my friend, have just spoken to the interrogator!
2. The dealer "You bought this for 25000? I could get you something far better in much less!" Dealers are usually more knowledgeable than you are and whatever they own is much better than anything you will ever possess. It doesn’t end there because dealers get better deals on everything including holida…