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Why do Muslims sacrifice animals on Eid al-Adha (Bakra Eid)?

Let's get a few things straight,

1. A person with a vegetarian or vegan diet preference can totally be a true and practicing Muslim and fulfill all his or her religious duties. It is NOT mandatory for a Muslim to consume non-vegetarian food (Since I don't like Mutton, I usually get a "mutton nahi khate? What kind of Muslim are you?" comment every now and then)

2. The very basis of Islam is a doubtless belief on the central religious book - the holy Quran, which includes stories of about 25 prophets including Musa (known as Moses in Judaism), Isa (known as Jesus in Christianity) among others

3. Animal sacrifice does not eliminate your sins. In certain cultures, animal sacrifice is considered as "washing away sins", that is not the case in Islam
So if this doesn't "wash away sins" and it is not mandatory to eat non-vegetarian food in Islam, what exactly is the reason for animal sacrifice in Islam? Story of Animal Sacrifice in IslamThe story begins wi…