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Mr. Just Married!

So the dhols have stopped, the decorative lighting is off the house, the relatives have departed and you have either already scooted on your honeymoon or waiting for the photographer to share the ceremony photos. Of course those photos will either be subjected to a careful scrutiny before 10 of them go up on facebook or will be subjected to a quicker scan before, well, 450 of them go up on facebook!
In either case, welcome to your second innings, Mr. Just Married 😊
For full disclosure, I must share that I am no longer ‘just married’. In fact I am approaching my first anniversary next month. But all of this experience is also a must to jot down how the ‘just married’ men feel. Needless to say, this blog is from the perspective of men who have recently taken the big step.

In the beginning, I did touch the topic of photos, let’s stick to it a little more. Thanks to the infinimillions (inifite millions that is!) photos pre, thru and post wedding, you will be able to look at yourself from al…