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How to reconnect with people you have unfollowed on facebook (in 5 seconds or less!)

Being someone who likes to use facebook only for social networking and staying in touch with friends, I understand if you decide to "unfollow" a few from your list because of their burning politically motivated posts. The central theme of such posts is basically hatred. Be it justifying or inciting hatred towards people that do not support their political ideologies, belong to a different religion or community, speak a different language or simply from a different region. In fact, why just the people that make such posts, you can very well "unfollow" someone specific for no specific reason! I mean, why waste your social media time on something you don't like? Right?

That's the question I asked myself before I started "unfollowing" people posting stuff I don't wish to see on my timeline. If you are wondering how to "unfollow" someone or, better yet, take a step ahead and tell facebook how posts like these are spoiling your facebook exp…