Presenting Soya Says for the 50th time!

Yes, the title of the blog does imply that this is my 50th blog post!

If you personally know any blogger, you know that making 50 posts isn't a big deal. Bloggers blog all the time. Bloggers usually blog in a specific domain. Bloggers make a living off their blogs!

For me, the 50th post is a big deal because none of the above applies to me :-)

From being featured on a few websites to being asked to guest blog about certain stuff to winning blogging competitions, I may not consider myself a blogger but I definitely consider blogging as one of my favorite hobbies.

I do get a few questions here and there about blogging. People wanting to start a blog, people wanting to continue their blogs but are out of ideas, people wondering how to find the time and so on. I believe in the saying, "where there's a will, there's a way".

But of course, if you are looking up to me for some tips, considering I am already 50 blogs old, here are 4 of them,

1. Read Blogs. You CANNOT be an effective writer if you don't like to read. And no, books, news items, articles don't count. I am talking about blogs written by bloggers. Google 'indiblogger' if you want to check out some blogs

2. Keep the language simple. It is very difficult to do that by the way. Especially if you know too many words! What could be a better way to show off your vocab prowess than a blog isn't it? My thumb rule is - if you won't say that word, don't write that word!

3. Don't think about topics to blog on. This could be tricky and you may ask - Then what do I blog on? Well, the key is to avoid writing too much about everything under the sun. If you don't have anything interesting to share, do not share. A blog should naturally take birth in the mind, not forcefully manufactured! This will help in avoiding random rants. Try to keep a blog in the drafts for some time. If you re-read later and feel like it is something that needs to go up, hit that Publish button

4. Cut the blog by 1/3rd. Keep it articulated and to the point. Remember that people are increasingly using mobile phones to access the web. Would you read a 3-page long article on your mobile phone? If not, don't expect others to. Now 1/3rd is just my formula and it may not work for you. But as a blogger, you must respect the reader's time and make an effort to put across your point by using least of it

That's about it. To close this blog, I would like to say that blogging for me is very special. To think that my blog will be on the web for the World to see the moment I hit the publish button, to think that it will be out there on the internet for forever, even when I'd be too old to type or long after I am gone gives me a satisfying feeling of contribution. One day, maybe 100 years later when someone reads one of my posts and finds it helpful, I'll still be happy somewhere :-)

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