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From paranoid to android!

There comes a time in everyone's life when looking at the mobile phone notifications just doesn't suffice. We battle that situation, we change the phone's wallpaper, lock screen, ringtones and even the phone back cover. All of this only to give the phone a fresh breath of life. This avoids the urge of switching to a newer phone. But the situation gets stalemated when the phone gets terribly slow!

And when that happened to my Lumia 820, I happily switched to Lumia 925. But when the time came for the next upgrade... I was out of options. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL have some of the worst reviews out there and there is no point buying any of the two. Oh, and by the way, I have always been a Nokia loyalist and, no points for guessing, a Windows Phone user. Why, you may ask, the answers can be found here.

I do have an iPad so I am fairly comfortable with iOS but android has never been my cup of hot chocolate. So with the honest understanding of the fact that beggars cannot be choose…

Bhai's 300 crore paunch!

In the year 2009 came a Salman Khan flick named Wanted which crossed 100 crores in business. Wanted included 'Bhai' going shirtless, flaunting his 6 pack abs, beating the sh*t out of goons, cracking some jokes, romancing the girl next door, dancing like only he can, portraying his larger than life onscreen persona with ease and also a little bit of acting here and there! The movie proved out to be a turning point for Salman's career and he eventually became the biggest superstar on the Hindi film industry's cash register.

In his latest outing, Salman portrays the character of a 'desi' wrestler named Sultan. The movie takes us through a journey of the humble beginnings of a young and aimless lad who sets foot in the field of wrestling thanks to his lady love. Ultimately Sultan tops all the charts. But all isn't so hunky-dory as life takes a u-turn. Cut to today and we meet a 40-something out of shape ex-wrestler who must regain his glory. Sultan trains and ge…

Presenting Soya Says for the 50th time!

Yes, the title of the blog does imply that this is my 50th blog post!

If you personally know any blogger, you know that making 50 posts isn't a big deal. Bloggers blog all the time. Bloggers usually blog in a specific domain. Bloggers make a living off their blogs!

For me, the 50th post is a big deal because none of the above applies to me :-)

From being featured on a few websites to being asked to guest blog about certain stuff to winning blogging competitions, I may not consider myself a blogger but I definitely consider blogging as one of my favorite hobbies.

I do get a few questions here and there about blogging. People wanting to start a blog, people wanting to continue their blogs but are out of ideas, people wondering how to find the time and so on. I believe in the saying, "where there's a will, there's a way".

But of course, if you are looking up to me for some tips, considering I am already 50 blogs old, here are 4 of them,

1. Read Blogs. You CANNOT be an eff…