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Travelogue - Maldives, a few more pics

In continuation of my original blog - Maldives, a reminder that 70% of Earth is Water, here are some more pics from the trip :)

Some of the creatures of the beach look exactly like shells
An iPhone slo-mo video shot at Vilimale beach

Travelogue - Maldives, a reminder that 70% of Earth is Water

Maldives is essentially a group of very small islands. When I say very small, I mean so small that the airport of the capital city of Maldives (i.e. Male) is out of city on another island also known as Hulhule. So basically when you arrive in Maldives, you are on an island which is just the airport! From there on you need to take a ferry ride to whichever island (some of them are privately owned and turned into resorts) you have planned to spend your vacation at.
Maldives is the smallest, in terms of land area, and the least populated Asian country. The average height of Maldivian islands is 1.5 meters above the sea level. Now that means if the polar ice was to melt and the sea level was to rise by 1.5 meters most of the country would be under water!

I had a chance to see a lot of stuff, from the capital city to a rare natural Maldivian beach and from a man-made island to an island that has a ban on motorized vehicles and two-wheelers! I will keep this blog to a few pointers which would…