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Digital India vs Cyber Bullies

As Digital India dawns upon us, we Indians are having a great time tri-coloring our facebook profile pictures. But then there are some of us who do not align with all this pomp and show, those who think changing the profile photo with the colors of our flag means support for facebook's pet devil - or for Modi. Follow a facebook discussion on this topic and you will notice how things take a bizarre turn. Those who haven't updated their profile photos are termed anti-Modi, Pro-AAP, Congress supporters, anti-National and in some cases asked to go to Pakistan!
Why all this hatred?India stands today as one of the most politically polarized nations and we see people debating, defending and abusing on social media all the time. While some may term debating on social media 'healthy' (except for being a colossal waste of time), it gets hateful way too fast. The root of the problem lies in hateful posts and while I have already blogged about how to get rid of annoyin…