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Shoes. Why do they matter?

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Shoes. Why do they matter? Isn't the main function of shoes just to cover your feet and protect you from the seasons, the roads and everything else? Some 5000 years ago this was probably true!

Gentlemen, in this age, shoes are considered as one of the first few things women notice about men. You don't want to be wearing all scuffed unpolished shoes when she looks at them for the first time because that leads to a bad first impression. In fact, if you follow men's style magazines, websites and videos you would have probably heard the saying, "If eyes are the window to the soul, then shoes are the window to your style."

Below are the three reasons why you should pay attention to your shoes starting today.

1. Women notice shoes
Let's face it, we men are basically slobs! The only time we take care of ourselves is when we think someone is going to take notice. Otherwise a pair of boxers, a tee and pizza are good enough to s…

Accessories maketh the man

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Gentlemen, accessories are extremely important and one should think of them as the accessories on a car. A brand new car looks incomplete without some accessories and wrong accessories are going to worsen the case. So keep in mind that accessories are completing your look and the wrong ones are going to spoil the entire ensemble.

This blog suggests 3 accessories that can find their way in your wardrobe but before delving into that let's quickly understand the pre-requisites that must already be present there. These are my personal choices and may differ based on your age, lifestyle and personal preferences.

The Pre-requisites,

a) Watch - Every man should have at least one wrist watch even if he is not into them. If it's your first wrist watch, go with a silver tone metal or black leather strap as these are most versatile. Avoid the golden color if it's your first watch

b) Belt - Two belts at the least. A black formal leather belt an…

How to sport the 'Sockless' Look?

Wearing shoes without socks is in. You see it everywhere. Movies, celebs, models and on the streets of some of the fashion forward cities. Men today are rocking the sockless look more than ever and this blog tells you how to do it the right way.

Gentlemen, as much as you might love the look, please understand sockless shoes doesn't necessarily have to be "sockless". The loafers, moccasins and sneakers usually have an extra layering or softer material from the inside that saves your feet from getting hurt but if you want to take a step ahead and go sockless on your formal shoes - the oxfords, the brogues, the chukkas and the bluchers or in Ryan Gosling's case the tassel loafers, there are a few things to consider.

As good as it looks in the pic, my suggestion would be to do it the right way. A couple of points below,

1. Formal shoes are not made to be worn without socks. A company manufacturing formal shoes is probably visioning them to be worn in office, at formal ev…

Rise! Dress like a man

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What comes to your mind when you read the sentence, "Dress like a man"? Probably suit up or make an effort to look good? Whatever that comes to your mind, if it's anything less dressy than what a woman would think on reading "Dress like a lady" then you've got work to do. And the work is to start dressing up. This blog argues on why it is equally important for men to take care of their appearance as it is for women. After all, gender equality works both ways!

There are loads of research and quotes and social experiments and other inspirational stuff available out there that talks about dressing sharp but we are not going into it, we are only paying attention to the top 3 reasons on why you, Sir, need to dress up!

1.  Confidence - You are most confident every single time you wear the best clothes in your wardrobe. Its simple, when you are super dressed you are super confident and it comes out in the way you work and…