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Top 5 things not to do in the elevator

Two of my most favorite ads involve an elevator, here's the first one,

1. Having a cute pup doesn't make you a stud
2. Being scared of pets isn't always a bad thing

Personally, I am not into pets at all but those who are would agree that taking them along in the elevator isn't a big deal. Well, yeah it isn't a big deal, in fact, its good as long as it leads to situations like the one in the ad but this blog isn't about pets, it's about elevators! Now, if you work in an office where you need to use an elevator to reach your desk or stay in an apartment with one, you are going to like this blog for sure :)

Let's be honest, an elevator (or lift) is a silly little thing. You are in it every day for a few seconds with random strangers standing so close that you can feel their breath. This is a weird experience but there's no escaping it and the only thing we can do is to try to make it better. Below are the 5 things, you should absolutely not be do…