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Get rid of Candy Crush Saga invites (in 5 seconds or less!)

Attention!! The enemy is freely roaming out there and is ready to send you the 16th Candy Crush Saga invitation of the day! There is nothing worse than a facebook notification, which is ideally suppose to brighten you up with the curiosity of who 'liked' or 'commented', turning out to be yet another Candy Crush Saga invitation! But now, enough is enough! Below are the 5 simple steps that can lead to a happier facebook experience by permanently getting rid of the worst thing to have ever happened to the internet - Candy Crush Saga!
#1 - Locate the enemy Its easy, you click on the globe icon and find whodunit!

#2 - Set your target When you mouse over the notification, an "X" icon will appear. Clicking this icon is the solution to all your worldly stress!

#3 - DO NOT THINK TWICE! In a war situation, if you don't fire... the enemy will! Simply click on the "Turn Off" button before you receive yet another invite

#4 - Revenge is sweet! Now is the time for rev…