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How can he share that on facebook?!

When was the last time you saw something and said "How can he share that on facebook?!"

Okay first thing's first, this blog is a conclusion of certain analysis which was a part of the hashtag activity - #My10SocialYears, to understand what kind of content really works on facebook coupled with the keen observation of your's truly over the years. Right, I get it, you are probably wondering what the hell is #My10SocialYears, links for your reference below,

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So when I reshared all kinds of content throughout the month of March, there were certain posts which were a rage back in the day and picked up once again while others were a rage back in the day but went unnoticed this time around. Here are my fallout thoughts, but please note that this does not apply to you if you are a celebrity, a socially renowned personality or a beautiful girl, thats 'cos in your…