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India has never won a match cos of Sachin, SRK cannot act and Facebook has no value

"Dude, India has never won a match because of Sachin's batting. Can you recall any match that India won cos of him? You cannot, it never happened!"
Zoom out a bit. I am sitting at the Bangalore airport waiting for my early morning Indore flight and that's when I overheard this conversation. Now trust me, I am least bothered about the surrounding chitchats but I got super-interested when this guy spoke about Sachin Tendulkar. Speaking against someone like the Master Blaster is very easy. I mean all you need to do is open your mouth :-D

I may not be one of the biggest fans of the God of Cricket but people usually don't have their facts straight when speaking against someone of Sachin's stature. While it was none of my business to jump in and mention a few matches, I had also, by then, realized that Mr-Anti-Sachin was a part of the self-proclaimed-extra-ordinary-human-race known as Pseudo Intellectuals!
Quick definition from the internet is below,

"a pseudo int…