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iReview the iBus

We Indorians are proud people. Proud of our city ofcourse. Ask a true indori, what is so special about the city and he can give you atleast 10 things ranging from how it is the only city in India that has both IIM and IIT to the well known food street 'sarafa' that serves some of the best street food you'll ever have, from the videos of Rajiv Nema to Pasharvnath Paan Corner, from Treasure Island that is awarded as the best designed mall of India to the mighty 'chappan dukaan', from the brand new international airport terminal or the new award winning Cricket stadium to the world famous combination of poha-jalebi and sev ofcourse (by the way, for an indori, sev is as essential food component as salt!). The latest addition to this list is called the iBus.
iBus is Indore's answer to city transport. Although there is an existing bus service, multiple cab services as well as auto rickshaws easily available, what makes iBus stand out is the BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport S…