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Supercomputers: Designed for humans(?!)

Ever heard of Manjit Singh? Also known as the ‘Strongman’, Manjit Singh holds more than 30 world records including pulling an empty double decker bus with his hair, pulling a double decker bus with 54 passengers with his teeth, and wait for this... pulling a Jet with his ears! His potential to do this stuff went on increasing with age, so let’s say, two years ago he was pulling a double decker bus and come today he is pulling a Jet. One may wonder what’s next? The Strongman will probably be able to pull two Jets at the same time and be officially known as the Hulk :) However, Manjit Singh is now older and human limitation to age is invincible.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Manjit Singh’s potential kept on growing with his age? But wait, isn’t that what our computers are doing? Moore’s law states that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years. Gordon Moore, by the way, was the founder of chip company Intel which religiously follows this princip…