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Can websites think?

One of my good friends has come up with an amazing website called You can get on the site and find information about the places to eat out or, as the site calls it, “zoot out!”
Okay before you start to think that I am being paid for this blog let me tell you why I began with zootout. This blog is about an invogue term - "Web 3.0". And it will be easier to relate to everything, including the title of the blog :-), as you read on.
We all know, Web 1.0 was when we had hotmail accounts (I still use my hotmail account btw ;-)) and altavista was the best search engine around. Although people argued that lycos was much better. Precisely, websites were all static and a place where information was stored for users to READ. Also, Yahoo messenger was the coolest thing around as it was the most popular chat engine where people could actually share messages real time.
Then came Google, the big daddy of them all with an all new and improved search algorithm. Myspace gained po…