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Me and the legacy of 5th September

As I sit through the night at the Bangalore airport, I thought about writing a blog on one of those days which has always been very important during our school and college, the Teacher’s Day. It is celebrated on 5th September, the birthday of the second President of India, also an academic philosopher, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Teacher’s Day reminds me of some of the most influential people that I am lucky to know. I also recall those events and celebrations that we used to have in the School and College.

One of my best memories of Teacher’s Day is when I took a Class 10 Mathematics lecture during my last year in the school. I also won an award that day which was called “Best Future Teacher”. I was lucky enough to have Mr. Salim Khan (whom I was enacting that day) attend that lecture too.
After finishing my school, the next 5th September was the beginning of engineering, the first day in the college. Teachers in colleges are way different from teachers in the schools. A lot more pro…