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The iPad's "Flash Forward"

The news is out! The all new Apple iPad does not support Adobe Flash! Now, I know what you must be thinking, "I don't know what Flash exactly is and I don't understand what's the big deal in iPad not supporting Flash?" Now before you run away from my blog let me keep things simple and explain everything.
Flash is a multimedia platform designed by Adobe which is used to add animation, videos and games on web pages. In even simpler terms, if you download videos from they are mostly in .flv format i.e. Flash format. So does that mean if you open from the iPad, most videos won't work? Absolutely right! They won't work! And the same applies to many, many other websites.
Next question, “why did Apple commit such a huge mistake?” Actually, it is not at all a mistake. In fact iPhone and iPod have never supported Flash too. Steve Jobs recently posted his thoughts on why iPad doesn’t support Flash content. Below are the six major reasons with …