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Blogger - The new age endorser

For those of us that do not blog, do not have a YouTube channel, do not post much on social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram included, all of this could just be a 'waste of time'. This 'waste of time' is often attributed to 'you can eat your food without sharing its picture on social media' sort of comments.

So what are the people not posting their #foodporn photos on social media missing out on? Nothing much. Except for the fact that there are bloggers who review restaurants and earn a share when people visit those restaurants on their recommendation. This revenue-sharing-for-expert-opinion model is precisely the impact of the blogger.

A new term has recently emerged - YouTuber. Earlier, a YouTuber was basically a Vlogger (aka Video Blogger). Gaming, Tech, Beauty, Reviews, Sports, Cooking, you name it and the YouTubers are available in abundance. What is their impact? Ask someone who owns a large LCD TV and the latest PlayStation gaming console because th…
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