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What is your fat burning zone?

In one of my previous blogs, I did share the absolute #1 fat loss tip but in order for everything to work, you also need to make sure you are in your fat burning zone. Nutrition is the other important thing. In this blog, I am covering the fat burning zone.

Question - What exactly is fat burning zone and how to measure it?

The first thing you would need for this is a heart rate monitor and I recommend the Xiaomi Mi Band (here is my review and amazon link). Now let's get down to our math exercise of the day,

Step 1
Subtract your age with 220. I am 29 so below is what I get,
220 - 29 (your age) = 191

Step 2
Multiply the result of step 1 with 0.6 and 0.8
191 x 0.6 = 114.6
191 x 0.8 = 152.8

This heart rate range of 114.6 to 152.8 is the fat burning zone for all 29 year olds out there. Anything above this is muscle loss (the most dreaded thing for our body builder friends). Below is a handy table I have put together,

Step 3
Use the Xiaomi Mi Band or any other heart rate monitor to keep track of yo…

Xiaomi Mi Band review

If you personally know me, you already know that I am into running. I have been using the Xiaomi Mi Band for quite some time now and although I don't really review products on my blog, I would like to give you a quick overview of this handy fitness band.

The Mi Band is a simple rubber strip with a piece of aluminium hardware that does the entire job. In addition to monitoring your steps, it also monitors your sleep and heart rate (heart rate is what we need to measure the fat burning zone)

The official app that brings this band to life, Mi Fit, keeps your fitness records and streaks handy. The band can also vibrate to give you notifications like incoming calls, alarms etc.

You don't have to keep your phone's bluetooth or location turned on all day for the band to work. The band will automatically sync the entire data with your phone when you open the app and turn on the location and bluetooth. The band is also water resistant (IP 67) and Xiaomi claims a 30 day battery life to…

The last kilometer

As someone who has run close to 1000 kms and burned more than 65000 kcal in the process (thanks to Endomondo for the stats), I feel worthy enough to share some pointers on running. To be frank, these stats above are nothing compared to some of the marathoners that I know. But if you haven't run a single km in your life and are looking to make a start, this blog will definitely be helpful.

Below are my top 4 tips for starters to make it to the 'last km',

1. Get inspired. It's simple. No activity can start without motivation so if you want to run you need motivation, be it fat loss to shed some extra kilos, be it getting in shape or be it the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Motivation is what is going to get you started

2. And if motivation is going to get you started, music will keep you going. Running is one of the most high intensity workouts and the fact is that its tiring, its tough and you are going to sweat like anything. If you continue after the first 5 minutes, you woul…

The absolute #1 fat loss tip!

No side talks. Let's get straight down to it. You know the question - what is the #1 thing that I should do to lose some fat?

The answer is in the math - burn more calories than you consume!

An average man requires 2500 kcal and an average woman requires 2000 kcal everyday. So if you are an average man consuming 2500 kcal everyday, you need to burn more than 2500 kcal everyday to create a fat deficit.

The good part is, we burn calories while doing everything, even while sleeping! But can you sleep your way to fat loss? Not so easy pal!

But the best way to burn fat is to cardio... 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach!

- Wait... what?
- But what about my pre-workout shake?
- Exercising on empty stomach! What if I fell down unconscious or throw up?
- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is no way I am doing anything before having a well balanced pre-workout breakfast!

Well the science behind this is to tap on the stored body fat. When we wake up, we have basically…

Top 4 things all PMP aspirants must give up!

All thanks to my PMP certification, I have been approached by a lot of people of late on all kinds of platforms for a little bit of guidance on clearing the exam. But this blog is not about all of that (I am anyways available to tell you about it, if required). I have previously blogged about how I cleared the PMP in 7 weeks and if you are a PMP aspirant, I suggest checking out As far as this blog is concerned, the inspiration has been the best question that I got about PMP,

What do I need to give up to clear PMP?

I call it the best question because it's just way too much on the point. If someone is leading a peaceful non-PMP certified life, what all does he need to give up to swim through the PMP ocean. This is also a question, I would myself like to find an answer to, before venturing into anything new. So after a bit of thinking and recalling the dreaded days of my run up to the PMP exam, below are the top 4 things all PMP aspirants must give up!

1. Social Life
This …
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