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Clearing PMP in 7 weeks - My Experience

Before we begin with this blog, please do not treat this as a guide to what you should be doing to pass the PMP exam. Rather treat this purely as my experience of clearing PMP in the grueling 7 weeks run up to the exam day. I will keep this as crisp as possible and my assumption is that you already have the basic information on PMP (like experience and PDU requirements, different PMP books available out there, contact hours, exam format, PG-KA etc)

So in order to clear the PMP on the 50th day, there are certain pre-prep steps that I took,

1. Selected the dates of the PDU training well in advance

2. Made sure I didn't have any other commitments around 1 month after the PDU training as that was my target PMP exam date

Once done with both the steps above it was time to put my head down and not look up until the exam day. The next 7 weeks were obviously very, very important and exhausting. PMP is not just about clearing the exam. It’s much more about understanding the application of proj…
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