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Flipkart Image Search: E-commerce takes its Next Step!

I was recently invited to attend a blogger meet organized by Flipkart. Headed by Flipkart's Chief Product Officer Punit Soni, I was one of the 120 odd bloggers who were given a demo of what Flipkart seems to be riding high on these days - Image Search.
Image search is a pretty simple concept, think of it like the 'Shazam' for shopping. I don't really want to share a demo or bore you with a summary of what happened at the event. However, do note that image search works only for fashion products and its as simple as - You go to a party and you see this guy wearing red shoes (it's likely that this guy is me!). So you want a pair of those red colored shoes but what are they called? Loafers? Moccasins? Boat Shoes? Slip Ons? Chukkas? I am trying to stick to Flipkart so don't want to get into the difference (a good topic for a future blog though!) but they are definitely not chukkas. So when you come back you either search for "Red Loafers" or "Red Slip …
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