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Travelogue - A day in Ambur

Going to Ambur had multiple reasons for me. If you are someone who likes good food and shopping, Ambur is a place you must give a shot or at least that's what I was told 😉

Situated on the NH46 and almost equidistant from Bangalore and Chennai, Ambur is also called the 'leather town', thanks to the multiple stores selling all-things-leather but predominantly shoes. In addition to my love for good food and shopping, the third reason for the travel was the craving of sitting in a train! I mean its been years since I boarded one and it was about time.

So Chennai Express it was at 8:12 AM from the Bangalore Cantonment station where I reached before time hoping to have some stuff at 'The Bakery World' but I guess I was too early as it was yet to open. On a side note, there are multiple trains to Ambur and even more buses as every Bangalore-Chennai bus will find Ambur in the way.

Moving ahead with Chennai Express, after passing through the backyards of some tall residential…
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