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In the college? Come over...

Okay before we begin with this blog, two stories to set the background,
Shorter Story I have been trying to write this blog for more than a month now but couldn't manage my time. Finally, here it is!
Short Story I am a member of IndiBlogger which is basically a forum for Indian bloggers and this was one of the featured topics that I wanted to take up. I did not go through any of the blogs written by other members on this topic to make sure that my thoughts are not manipulated. So these are my unadulterated, 100% pure and virgin thoughts on what you need to be doing while you are in college.
I must admit, initially, I believed I am not even old enough to blog on this and *boom* the reality hit me... it's been 4 years since I have been out of the campus! That is worth an entire Engineering degree! Today, the undergrad college students that I know of are just way too young to be my friends. Rather, I am too old to be hanging out with them! Man, do I feel old right now! :-)
Anyways, eno…
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