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What The Fone!

Rant Alert - Some readers may find this blog a piece of rant, readers' discretion advised!

Just like most of you out there (especially people of my age group and above), my first phone was a Nokia. And unlike most of you, every new phone that I bought after that has been a Nokia. It was only last year that I got into the World of smartphones where you are likely to be LOOKING at the device much longer than SPEAKING or HEARING from it. My Windows Phone 8.1 OS powered Nokia Lumia 925 is a fun device and it becomes much more fun when non-Windows users check it for the first time :-D

What's the difference between Facebook and Twitter? They are two enormously different social networking platforms. While facebook is this bulky giant that has opened the floodgates to all sorts of content, twitter chooses to be calm with the trademark 140 characters limit and doesn't compromise on it. In summary, that's an analogy for Windows Phone OS and the others out there especially Android.…
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