Get rid of annoying facebook posts (in 5 seconds or less!)

So when you initially joined facebook, how was it like? What made you join in the first place? Wasn't it fun? Wasn't it the urge to share and keep in touch with friends? Yes, that's what it was about - staying in touch, getting the latest from friends and sharing what's up in general. In some cases, keeping in touch with our ex(es) or looking at the pics of our crush ;-)

But somewhere down the line things went a bit sour. We still login to facebook daily, many times a day actually, but there are certain posts in bad taste that spoil the entire experience. Posts that try to spread hatred, posts that are against one's views of religion or politics, graphic injuries, animal abuse and the list goes on.

Now one way to deal with this is simply unfriend the people sharing such stuff. However, that may not always be possible because they could be anyone, a good friend, a colleague, a senior or anyone you don't really want to disrespect by unfriending. But worry not because facebook has a solution for you. Following are the steps that will help you out. Do note that no one will ever know that their posts are not visible to you anymore and you would live in peace forever :-)

So lets say below is an example post that someone has shared

Step 1 is to click on the small arrow (encircled), it will show some options

Step 2 is to select an option from the menu. You may simply select the first option of "I don't like this post" or you may want to select the third option of "Hide all from xyz" which ensures that you never see any other post from that source

Once you select an option (lets say the first one), you can then let facebook know why you don't like the post,

Let's say you think it shouldn't be on facebook

Now you can let facebook know what is wrong with it

Once you select an option, the following window appears. Please note that unless you message the person they would never know that you have unsubscribed. Best option here is to "Submit to Facebook for Review". If too many reports are submitted against a post, it will be taken down permanently

Facebook will say thanks ;-)

And that is it! Never again will you see any such posts. And well if you do, you now know that filing another report won't take more than 5 seconds ;-)
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