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My 10 Social Years

It all started with an invite to connect on MySpace sometime in the latter half of 2004. I was a class 12 student and fairly aware of the internet. I distinctly remember my first hotmail account, Yahoo! messenger, chatrooms, "asl?" and ofcourse those 'Cyber Cafes' much before MySpace came around :)

But MySpace was different, it was Online Social Networking... something I didn't really understand in the beginning (frankly speaking, I think MySpace is still not as user friendly as it should be). So without much activity on MySpace and a belief that Yahoo! messenger is the best thing on the internet (as far as connecting with people goes), I came across something which was a revolution of sorts... it was called... *drums roll* ORKUT! :D

I don't have much to say about Orkut but thank God a couple of years later I joined the lifesaver - Facebook. Facebook was much, much cooler, easier and urbane. It brought a plethora of social networking websites with it. Facebook…
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