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Hi! Can we follow you on Twitter?

You are enjoying coffee on a rainy Sunday afternoon video chatting with a friend. 5 minutes later, out of the blue, you get disconnected from the internet. Now that is something you really didn’t expect especially when you and your friend met online after such a long time. At first you try to restart the modem or check the connection and when Internet still doesn’t work, you do the most obvious thing and dial up the good ol’ customer care service.
One minute in the call and you are still either making a choice from the menu or reentering your customer ID or some other information. How you wish you could just call up the number and a HUMAN received it. Anyways, when you finally end the call you would normally have a ticket number and an assurance that the issue will be resolved in the next 24 hours.

Now consider this, when your internet didn’t work, you simply logged on Twitter (through your smartphone ofcourse) and sent out a tweet mentioning how unhappy you are with your service provid…
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