IPL, Bollywood and Girls

“So how’s life?”
“These days are so boring yaar”
“Kyu? Any problem in the office?”
“Arey nahi, the temperature is rising, there are no good movies coming up and on top of that, all you see everywhere is cricket, cricket and only cricket! I hate IPL and I really hate Shah Rukh Khan!”

Clearly the "Girls" in the title of this blog do not represent the IPL cheer girls ;-)

One of my female friends (also an IT engineer) who works in Noida has started hating Shah Rukh Khan. She said SRK is involved in promoting IPL because he owns a team and wondered if that has anything to do with the reason why no good Hindi movies were coming up in the IPL season.

This conversation got me thinking. Most of the girls don’t know much about cricket and few of them actually hate it. In fact, it was the falling popularity of the ODIs that gave birth to the concept of T-20. Some of my male friends absolutely love T-20, they just cannot afford missing a Mumbai Indians match. This is a relatively big point of gender disparity, isn’t it? I remember my childhood days when we played cricket and even the girls would participate. We had 4 girls in our group and it was compulsory for every team to have 2 in it, so that the teams are evenly divided!

But then there is women’s cricket, nowhere near men’s cricket though as far as viewership is concerned but still we do have a national women’s cricket team. Jhulan Goswami, the captain, has never scored a century. Is that a proof enough to consider that cricket is just a man’s game? I don’t know.

The IPL matches begin at 4 PM and end around 11, the prime slot of the moviegoers. In the first IPL season there was only one movie which succeeded to earn box office collections to be called a hit, it was Emraan Hashmi’s Jannat. The backdrop of the movie being cricket is a different story altogether. Indian film fraternity realized right from the season 1 itself that this isn't the right time for a movie release. That's the reason of “These days are so boring yaar” in my conversation above.

From fourth IPL season, we have 2 new teams participating - Pune and Kochi. Total number of matches would go up from 60 to 94! I wonder if this would result in a "cricket fatigue". But let's give this a thought. What would really happen if a major Bollywood movie was to release during the IPL? Frankly, I think Aamir Khan's Ghajini would still be Ghajini if it released during the IPL! This year the IPL ends on 25th April and the next Friday has the 'safe' release of Akshay-Deepika starrer Housefull.

With the number of matches going up to 94 in the next season and most of the girls not being interested in cricket and find these IPL days boring, there is definitely a niche opportunity here. It would be interesting to see if any other TV channel or a bollywood movie comes up with something which is ‘girlish’ during the next IPL season and take advantage of the whole situation.
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